Energy Pix is not your normal toothpick. It's used by busy moms,
students, athletes, airline travelers (or anyone in restricted
areas where smoking is not permitted), truckers, dieters, and
individuals who could just use a boost of energy now and then!
With twelve years of research and development, Energy Pix
started out as a prescription-based nicotine toothpick.
This product was first developed to help people kick their
habit of smoking and has evolved as an over-the-counter
energy supplement and snack replacement. CURBS CRAVINGS!
Energy Pix is a toothpick that is evenly-infused with caffeine,
vitamin B-12, cinnamon and spearmint flavoring. Energy Pix
offers a nice burst of energy and a blast of flavor. Simply
stick a pix in your mouth. The alertness you receive is controlled,
not like what you get from the heavy-laden energy drinks loaded
with caffeine and sugar.
Energy Pix provides the essential ingredients that are crucial for a
lertness. Caffeine stimulates your system, and B-12 helps turn food
into energy. These ingredients offer the purest form of energy.